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              Rockchip Solutions Supports Diversified Education Products


               With the diversification of educational scene, users have different requirements for the performance and function of educational devices. Rockchip provides a full range of chip solutions for the education industry, RK3399,RK3368,RK3288,RK3326,RK3128,RK3229,RK3306,RK2206,PX30, supporting product forms such as All-in-one learning machine, Cloud conference terminal, Education tablet, Intelligent learning box, Education projector, e-book, Tutor machine, Picture book robot, Dictionary pen, etc.


              1.All-in-one Learning Machine Solution  



              Solution Features:

              lSupport large screen and wide view eye protection display, focusing on children's vision protection

              lSupport AI intelligent voice assistant, 360 degree omnidirectional pickup, dynamic background noise reduction and stereo surround sound to simulate classroom scene

              lSupport intelligent AI camera, monitoring children’s learning

              lSupport face recognition technology, multiple ID independent login, which helps to customize growth routes for different children

              lRich content, support mainstream education apps



              2.Cloud Conference Terminal Solution



              Solution Features:

              lSupport two-way input and dual display output: teaching scene and the teaching materials can be both shared to the students, improving teaching efficiency

              lSupport multi-channel decoding and display multi-people learning scenarios

              lSupport 1 channel of 1080p encoding + 2 channels of 1080p decoding, and capture teaching scene in multiple directions

              lSupport intelligent AI camera to automatically track and focus on the speaker to improve the live teaching effect

              lSupport TSVC4 hierarchical coding and hierarchical rate control to ensure the fluency of live teaching

              lIt can adapt to a variety of voice algorithms and mic combination solutions to help teaching interaction


              3.Education Tablet Solution




              Solution Features:

              lSupport large IPS HD screen, support anti-blue mode for eye protection

              lSupport various OS: in addition to Android and Linux, it can deeply adapt to Kirin desktop and mobile OS, as well as Yuanxin, Jide and other domestic OS

              lSupport external devices including keyboard, mouse and stylus



              4.Intelligent Learning Box Solution



              Solution Features:

              lHigh performance processor and deep optimization of the system to ensure the device to operate at high-speed and smoothly and improve learning efficiency

              lSupport display at 4K HD large screen to enhance the watch experience and protect students' eyesight

              lSupport AI HD camera to intelligently capture students' learning status

              lSupport AI voice interaction, intelligent voice correction to improve oral expression,

              lRich peripheral high-speed interfaces, which can connect various interactive devices


              5.Education Dongle Solution



              Solution Features:

              lSupport 4K high-definition projection

              lEasy to connect the dongle with TV

              lStrong compatibility and low latency



              6.e-book Solution


              Solution Features:

              lSupport e-ink screen without converting chip, similar with paper reading experience

              lSupport 2GB + 32GB super capacity storage, for more e-books and learning materials

              lSupport capacitive touch, electromagnetic handwriting, 10fps video playback

              lCustomized multi-level power management. Standby power consumption is as low as 1.8Ma @ 4V



              7.Tutor Tablet Solution



              Solution Features:

              lSupport large IPS HD screen, support anti-blue mode for eye protection

              lSupport intelligent voice interaction, Bluetooth voice and microphone array to achieve high fidelity voice quality, assist learning and interactive explanation

              lAI intelligent finger reading system: support intelligent image recognition and fingertip positioning


              8.Picture Book Robot Solution



              Solution Features:

              lSupport full vision and anti-blue-ray screen for eye protection

              lSupport intelligent AI voice assistant and accurately voice pick-up, to assist learning and interactive explanation

              lSupport intelligent identification and reading of picture books

              lInfrared distance sensor monitors the distance between children and the device



              9.Dictionary Pen Solution



              Solution Features:

              lBuilt in AI voice assistant for voice search

              lSupport scanning translation, high recognition accuracy and greatly improving the efficiency of word search

              lSupport off-line translation and word search

              lSupport translating mainstream picture books and graded books

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