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              • Dedicated image DSP enables high precision,and flexible to various requirements.
              • One-Stop Face Payment solution, including DSP, AI-Engine, depth algorithm, optics design.
              • Optimization for face-imaging, present better portrait under various ambient lighting.
              • Support 3rd party anti-spoofing algorithm support converged-payment.
              • Support implement algorithm in module, easier deployment.
              Module Item Parameter Comment
              Speckle Projector Laser type VCSEL PQCW-BC-4-W0940-S3
              Wavelength 940 nm(Typ.) 940±10 nm@50℃
              FOI 92.1°±3° H70.8°,V74.2°
              Focus Distance 35cm  
              Pins 16 Pin B To B
              IR Camera Sensor 1/4” CMOS Sensor OV9282-GA4A(b&w)
              Resolution 1M 800H*1280V Pixels
              Interface MIPI  
              Sensor ID OV9282  
              Focus Type FF  
              FOV 77.0°±3° (OPT)  
              80.50°±3° (ME)
              Focus Distance 33cm  
              Pins 20 Pin B To B
              RGB Camera Sensor 1/4” CMOS Sensor OV5695-GA4A(color)
                5M 1944H*2592V Pixels
              Interface MIPI  
              Sensor ID OV5695  
              Focus Type AF  
              FOV DIAGONAL =84.0°  
              HORIZONTAL =56.6°
              VERTICAL =71.5°
              Pins 30Pin B To B
              Flood Sensor ID SFH 4775S  
              FOI 80°  
              Wavelength 940 nm(Typ.)  
              Spectral Width(FWHM) 37nm  
              Module Baseline 40mm  
              Precision ±1mm@60cm  
              Weight NA  
              Size(L x W x H) 65mm x 12mm x 5.14mm